The Wedding is about to begin!

The Wedding is about to begin!

About Me:  Thanks for taking time to visit this page.  Unlike so many Wedding Officiants who are advertising their services, there are very few in the area who have actually done extensive training in the Art of Ritual and Ceremony.  I am proud to say that I am a Certified Lifecycle Celebrant through The Celebrant Foundation and Institute, and also a seminary trained Ordained Interfaith-Inter-Spiritual Minister through One Spirit Interfaith-Inter-Spiritual Seminary in New York.  I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to study and experience seminary where my own spiritual journey was deepened through learning about the world’s religious traditions and wisdom teachings found in Judaism, Islam, The Tao,  Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoruba, Native American and other Indigenous traditions.  While my root belief system is Christian, I believe that the Divine is larger than one religion or branch of Christianity and would rather describe my theology as a follower of Jesus, as some organized religions tend to label belief systems that can result in creating barriers between people rather than uniting people.  I would describe myself as “Spiritual” and I respect everyone’s right to believe in whatever path brings them to “awe”. For some people it may be through nature, for some, through social activism, and others have found a tradition that fills their well that is more traditional and conservative. To me, it is personal… and each individual should be free to explore whatever path takes them to a greater love for all people and our Earth.  I do feel, however, that couples should discuss their beliefs with each other before marriage and find common ground to combine their spirituality either through a church group or congregation, or perhaps volunteer together for an organization that works for a social cause or perhaps works to protect our environment.  I think it’s important to take time for our personal sacred space…and to have some sort of spiritual practice.  I sometimes choose meditation, or journal, or get lost painting…we need time out to refuel so we have the energy for each other.  I am also a supporter of marriage equality and have proudly performed several same sex weddings.

In addition to One Spirit, am also Ordained through First Congregational Church of Tacoma, a member of National Association of Congregational Churches, and welcome you to visit our church where I am an Assisting Minister.  Our Congregation believes in supporting everyone’s spiritual journey on the path that best resonates with them and brings them closest to the Divine. Although I am a Minister, I will never be one to tell you what to believe, but will always honor and respect your own spiritual path.

My Origins: I was born a middle child and raised in the Pacific Northwest…one of the most beautiful places in the world… and is considered a sacred place by many traditions. I am the mother of three grown children also and a grandmother to six. My family is important to me and I am fortunate to have a great family. We support each other through difficult times as well as the good times…I am so grateful for my family.

Why did I become a Celebrant?  It was my mother’s death in 2005 and the planning of her memorial service that inspired me to become a Celebrant.  I discovered that working on her service became a healing process for me. It was an opportunity to recognize that she really was a symbol of love. The ceremony turned out beautifully because it was about her life… and how her life impacted our lives.  In the past, I attended funerals that were so impersonal and often the person who died was not honored, there was such a void in the celebration of a life lived.  Sometimes the Pastor who performed the service would use the death of a very special person to deliver their own agenda, to sort of push a certain belief system on to a captured audience. The story of the deceased was never really told outside reading the obituary…and the soul sketch failed to be delivered.  So, after my mother passed, people encouraged me to do this kind of work.  I researched and found the Celebrant Foundation and Institute.  I received my Certification in 2008.

My Education: In addition to my Certification and Seminary training, I have a BA in Liberal Arts from The Evergreen State College. I finished my degree in my late forties…after a 20 year break in my education to have my three children and to run my own award winning sign company, Sign Language, which I sold in 1992.  After earning my BA, I began a Masters in Depth Psychology with Pacifica Graduate Institute and worked in Mental Health as a Residential Counselor for 2 years.  I also trained and became a Certified Life Coach with Coach Training Alliance and although I am not actively coaching right now, it has given me skills which help me to help others in an ongoing basis. Currently I am beginning my 3rd unit in CPE (Chaplaincy Training) and am working on my Ph.D. in Spiritual Direction.

My Interests:  I enjoy my time with family, painting and sketching, reading, walking and love to travel. I love animals, especially dogs, and have daily visits from my yard pets, (the crows and squirrels). I enjoy being in nature as much as I can and especially love going to the coast.

My dog, Shelby

Owl painting in acrylic