Recent Elopement Weddings

An Elopement that grew into a family event.

Tiffany & Demarr, An Elopement that grew into a family event.

Tiffany & Demarr, Married Feb. 27, 2016

Their plans for a small elopement changed when the family heard about their wedding. She told me they would have it in the back yard…in February.  It all worked out…it became a bit more than an elopement, and they couldn’t have been happier!  Congratulations to them both!





Elopement or small ceremonies

Many couples just need to get married NOW!  The reasons are varied…and many plan to have a larger celebration at a later date.  I call these Elopement Ceremonies… and they are a nice, simple ceremony that I will prepare according to your circumstances.  Some couples just want to make it “legal”, and I can do that, but, I encourage all my couples to still have the simple ceremony… about 7 or 8 minutes long, because the “legal” ceremony is still a very big deal!  You are getting married!!  And, sometimes, the big ceremony won’t happen for a very long time… and sometimes, life happens, and that “legal” ceremony, is the only ceremony that you wild have.  My fee is the same for simple or “legal”… typically $150.00 to $200.00 (depending on location (within the Pierce County area)… and depending on the time and day….and you may have up to 6 people.  And, you don’t need to exchange rings at this ceremony… but it’s okay if you do… And, you are free to have someone hold your phone up and “FaceTime” this ceremony.  Really, I am happy to accommodate your wishes!

Be sure to allow 3 full days for your marriage license to “age” after you apply for your license and be sure to bring 2 witnesses… or if you want me to find witnesses for you, that can also be done with a little notice, an extra fee of $25.00 per witness…and most likely we would need to do this in the West end of Tacoma (where I usually can get my witnesses)… and I will need prepayment because people are reserving their time.

There are many nice areas to perform an Elopement along the waterfront on Ruston Way, or in Pt. Defiance park (there are a few Gazebos in case of rain).  Just give me a call or a text message… let me know what day you are hoping for… and we’ll get you married!

Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Award

 A thank you to my couples for having me as your Celebrant.  It means so much to me to know that you found my services to be such an intregal part of one of the biggest days of your life!

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A June 9th Wedding for Komikka and Yasin


Smiling after becoming man and wife!

Komikka & Yasin were all smiles as they took their vows on June 9, 2010.

This couple decided on a small, intimate wedding in my home where they shared the day with their sons, Gary and Jaylen, along with a few friends and family.

Even though the ceremony was small, Komikka made her entrance with music and glowed as she was met with loving eyes by Yasin. As part of the ceremony, we blessed their marriage along with prayers for their family and took a quiet moment to remember her mother, who recently passed.  Komikka assembeled a small altar to place her  mother’s  ashes and photos.  We acknowledged the importance of this…and smiled as I introduced her to the urn that contained my own mother’s ashes.  Mother’s always want to be invited to these important moments in life, and it  is comforting to include those who are now in Spirit, but who are forever in our hearts.

A great looking family with sons, Gary and Jaylen

Komikka and Yasin, it was an honor to perform your wedding. You are truly surrounded by a lot of love with your family and friends and your happiness was absolutely contagious. Congratulations!

A place for proposals and promises

When Justin first laid his eyes upon Gina he knew there was something very special about her.  The conversations began and will continue between these two newlyweds  for the rest of their lives. 

Justin and Gina decided on a small, intimate wedding in a very special place.  This site was off of Five Mile Drive in Point Defiance…and was also the place where Justin asked Gina to marry him…a great place for proposals and promises.

The rain took a well timed break during this very wet month in May. A huge hawk flew by to greet us as we walked the path to the clearing under the trees, overlooking Dalco Passage.  The setting was peaceful and serene…and was the perfect place for Justin and Gina to become husband and wife.  Justin and Gina wrote their own beautiful vows and as they gazed into each other’s eyes, spoke them heartfully as happy tears were shed.

Justin and Gina, both University Professors, look forward to a rich and rewarding life in which they are best friends, lovers and companions, and where the love between them is easy to see.  I wish them the very best and thank them for the honor of performing their ceremony.

Simple and intimate wedding

Today I performed a very sweet wedding for Dustin and Christina.  Dustin and Christina met on-line…but, it wasn’t a dating site…it was World of Warcraft!  Now, that was a first for me.  Dustin and Christina celebrate not only their wedding, they are celebrating the merging of families…Dustin’s children and the child that Dustin and Christina have together. 

The wedding took place at Kubota Gardens in Seattle…and it was a wonderful setting…and, the sun came out for the ceremony.  Dustin and Christina chose live music for their small ceremony…and it was just right for this occasion.

A happy new couple

A Springtime wedding

A great wedding at Pioneer Park

David and Amanda, Newlyweds

It was my honor and privilege to perform the wedding for Amanda and David. It was a beautiful spring day at Pioneer Park and this couple seemed very happy with their new union. Congratulations to this new couple!

Like many couples, Amanda and David had a very short window in which to plan their wedding as David is in active duty.  We were able to plan their small ceremony with ease and it was in such a beautiful setting.  Pioneer Park in Steilacoom, Washington, has a gorgeous view of Puget Sound.

Weddings with children…two this weekend!

Tomorrow I will be performing Jamila and August’s wedding.  It will be an intimate ceremony in my home and their children are included in the ceremony.  It’s always fun to watch the children’s faces when they see Mommy and Daddy saying special words to each other…and feeling important too, as they are part of the ceremony.  Sometimes children are part of  the introduction, sometimes, the children give the mother to the father…sometimes the children hold the rings, and sometimes vows to the children are made as well. 

This Sunday, I will be in Gig Harbor performing the wedding for Rebecca and Brandon. Rebecca and Brandon will be creating a new blended family with their new 8-week old daughter and both the bride and groom will be bringing a child of their own, two boys, into the marriage. It was fun to hear the excitement in Brandon’s voice as he made the arrangements for this last-minute wedding…he’s waited a long time but because of various life turns, never got the big wedding off the ground.  I didn’t hear a drop of disappointment in that…only happiness as they will finally have the ceremony they have waited for.  Another lovely weekend in the life of a Celebrant!

A Valentine’s Day Elopement Wedding

The Bride and Groom grinned and laughed and teared up in all the right places as they took their vows in the intimate setting by my fireplace.  It was an honor to perform the wedding for Latrica and Christopher as Latrica’s mother and a few close friends stood witness.  Later on they hope to have a much larger affair…and perhaps I will do their vow renewal.  My best wishes go to this happy couple !