A Valentine’s Day Elopement Wedding

The Bride and Groom grinned and laughed and teared up in all the right places as they took their vows in the intimate setting by my fireplace.  It was an honor to perform the wedding for Latrica and Christopher as Latrica’s mother and a few close friends stood witness.  Later on they hope to have a much larger affair…and perhaps I will do their vow renewal.  My best wishes go to this happy couple !

Elopement Weddings

Sometimes a small wedding is just right.  And sometimes, during the week works out just fine.  Such was the case yesterday, December 3, at about 2:30 PM when Lindsey & John became husband and wife in my home.  A  few close friends  were present along with their children and Lindsey’s mother. It was a sweet wedding with the sounds of children filling the room as these two immersed themselves in the vows they were taking.

“And two shall be as one”

John anxiously awaited the arrival of his bride, you could tell he was so excited and when she made her entrance, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Congratulations to these two as they begin their new life together.  They’ll do just great!

Weddings and Twitter

An almost newly wed stops to enter his twitter update before the kiss

I do ask everyone to turn off their cell phones before I begin…and I hope this couple agreed on this stunt before they said their vows…otherwise, they could be looking for a Divorce Ceremony in the future.  You’ll have to click the link then click the video in the new story to see for yourself.

We all like to laugh…and I enjoy laughter in weddings…but sometimes it goes too far.  I remember one wedding where when it was time for the groom to kiss his bride, he turned to smooch his best man first…to be funny.  What he didn’t see was how crushed his bride was that he couldn’t have a serious moment.  Sometimes funny isn’t funny.