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A Beautiful Spring Day…made a perfect setting for these two couples who chose April 2, 2016 as the day they will celebrate for years to come!

elopement at Wapato Park

Allie and Jeff, exchanged their vows in front of a waterfall at Wapato Park. People walking by cheered them on and smiled at the sight of love in action.

Elopement in Tacoma, Pt. Defiance Park has so many options.

Renee and Bryce were all smiles as they exchanged words of love that melted the hearts of their family and friends!

Recent Elopement Weddings

An Elopement that grew into a family event.

Tiffany & Demarr, An Elopement that grew into a family event.

Tiffany & Demarr, Married Feb. 27, 2016

Their plans for a small elopement changed when the family heard about their wedding. She told me they would have it in the back yard…in February.  It all worked out…it became a bit more than an elopement, and they couldn’t have been happier!  Congratulations to them both!





Sticky Wedding Situations

Sticky Wedding Situations

Sticky Wedding Situations

Sticky Wedding Situations: The parents of the bride or groom are recently divorced…or divorced by many years and still hold grudges.  This one comes up more than you want to know.  I’ve only seen a few occasions where the grownups didn’t act grown up.  The best thing to do, is to try to keep them apart…plan to not have them sit right next to each other in the ceremony or the reception. If you want both parents to walk you up the aisle, they should do it with grace.  I think a little heart to heart talk ahead of the ceremony is also a good idea.  And, if it is difficult for you to broach the subject, ask a friend or family member who has a good relationship with them to do it.  The focus needs to be on YOUR wedding, and not on their past.  Something along the lines of, “I understand that being with (blank) may be uncomfortable for you…but I have looked forward to this day my whole life. I only ask that the focus be on me and my sweetie…so, please try not to respond to any triggers…just for this day, and that will be the best gift I could receive.”  Really, most divorced couples do behave, and by at least addressing the subject, it will hopefully reduce any stressful thoughts about what will or will not happen.  You too, need to focus on your special day.  And, if there is bad behavior, try not to give it much attention…so the 2-year old child in the adult is not rewarded for bad behavior.  Sometimes, just a well place “look” will do the trick.  The next topic:  The new woman or new man in your parent’s life.

Elopement or small ceremonies

Many couples just need to get married NOW!  The reasons are varied…and many plan to have a larger celebration at a later date.  I call these Elopement Ceremonies… and they are a nice, simple ceremony that I will prepare according to your circumstances.  Some couples just want to make it “legal”, and I can do that, but, I encourage all my couples to still have the simple ceremony… about 7 or 8 minutes long, because the “legal” ceremony is still a very big deal!  You are getting married!!  And, sometimes, the big ceremony won’t happen for a very long time… and sometimes, life happens, and that “legal” ceremony, is the only ceremony that you wild have.  My fee is the same for simple or “legal”… typically $150.00 to $200.00 (depending on location (within the Pierce County area)… and depending on the time and day….and you may have up to 6 people.  And, you don’t need to exchange rings at this ceremony… but it’s okay if you do… And, you are free to have someone hold your phone up and “FaceTime” this ceremony.  Really, I am happy to accommodate your wishes!

Be sure to allow 3 full days for your marriage license to “age” after you apply for your license and be sure to bring 2 witnesses… or if you want me to find witnesses for you, that can also be done with a little notice, an extra fee of $25.00 per witness…and most likely we would need to do this in the West end of Tacoma (where I usually can get my witnesses)… and I will need prepayment because people are reserving their time.

There are many nice areas to perform an Elopement along the waterfront on Ruston Way, or in Pt. Defiance park (there are a few Gazebos in case of rain).  Just give me a call or a text message… let me know what day you are hoping for… and we’ll get you married!

Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Award

 A thank you to my couples for having me as your Celebrant.  It means so much to me to know that you found my services to be such an intregal part of one of the biggest days of your life!

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My daughter’s wedding day

A glowing couple

Last Saturday, November 6th, my daughter Rachel married her sweetheart, David.  Her day was everything she dreamed of…it was a beautiful ceremony, created by Rachel, David and fellow LifeCycle Celebrant, Annemarie Juhlian.  In Celebrant tradition, Annemarie crafted a very personal ceremony sharing their love story and including special tributes to the parents and her grandmother, Rachel…her name sake.  Their ceremony featured Rachel and David saying vows to each other that they created,  other along with a few customized rituals; one, a memorial tree that is to be planted at their new home in Poulsbo, and two, a hand-made wood box that David made, where Rachel and David wrote down 25 hiking destinations (they are avid hikers).  For the next 25 years, they will draw from the box and go on the selected hike for their anniversary.

I loved being Mother of the Bride on Saturday, although I did run the rehearsal on Thursday. (Just so hard to step back totally 🙂 and it was so nice to relax as the very capable and professional Annemarie did her thing with warmth and polish.

My daughter has always been artistic, creative and very organized.  She decided on The Grand Holiday Ballroom in Olympia as her venue.  The venue makes everything pretty easy and convenient…a beautiful chapel, an in-house DJ, the reception area on the lower level where they include the linens, tables, draped chairs, and take care of all the set up and take down.  The food was great…they have their own preferred caterer and a friend’s mother made the most delicious wedding cake as a present to Rachel and Dave. There is a lovely bar area and a non-alcoholic bar and separate seating areas, including couches that are next to a fireplace.

Since many of the guests were from out-of-town, and many of the guests wanted to enjoy their drinks without the worry of driving, we hired a private driver for the evening and rented a 14 passenger van to shuttle guests to the Hotel…an option that was less expensive than a limo.  Driver Les, made  several trips to The Red Lion Hotel where our guests received a special rate .

I can’t wait for the photos by Tasha Owen Photography and the florist was Garden Party To Go…they did a beautiful job.  The photo shoot took place before the ceremony at the State Capitol, providing a beautiful setting indoors, as the outside was pretty wet on Saturday.

We all had a wonderful time, lots of laughter, happy tears and warm hugs and many reunions by friends and family who haven’t seen each other for a lot of years. It was so nice to see so many people come to support Rachel and David as they begin their new life together.

A Lake Quinault Wedding

A Lake Quinault Wedding

After 5 inches of rain poured down the day before, it seemed that Serena and Ryan would need to move their 10/10/10 wedding indoors.  I spoke with Serena a few days before the wedding about the forecast.  I told her, “You never know about the coast…I always get sunshine when I visit the coast.”   As I approached the wedding destination, the blue sky was peeking through.  When I arrived at the lodge, the lobby sign for the indoor wedding was being removed as the manager gleefully said, “The wedding is taking place outside!”  Actually, I was not surprised.

Serena was absolutely stunning as she friskely danced her way up to meet Ryan at the altar.  Guests were enchanted with the story of their love…tender moments, lots of laughter and a few tears. 

The Wedding setting

The setting was perfect…the weather was perfect and Serena and Ryan spoke their vows, gazing into each other’s eyes as they became husband and wife.  They celebrated with their guests at a lovely reception…with a guest appearance of Serena’s dog, who wore a custom-made bridemaids dress for the occasion.

Then next day, as I got into my car after visiting Kalaloch beach, the rain drops suddenly landed on my windshield.  I always get sunshine when I visit the coast!  Best wishes to Serena and Ryan and thank you for choosing me as your Celebrant!

Love…laughs…families and friends

It just doesn’t get any better than Heidi and David’s wedding!  It was a perfect day for a wedding, especially in a beautiful setting like Laurel Creek Manor in Sumner this past Sept. 10th.  I don’t know what was brighter…the sun or the smiles.  Family and friends traveled from all over the US to join Heidi and David as they took their vows…and before their vows, I had the privilege of sharing their love story. 

There was a perfect blend of tears and smiles and moments of laughter as their story was heard by so many who obviously love this couple.  Their story was fun, real and very touching and by the time they got to their vows, you could see everyone was fully engaged and cheering them on as they became husband and wife.

No…it just doesn’t get better than this!  Thank you Heidi and David for the awesome honor of performing your wedding.  I know your honeymoon in Ireland will be wonderful!

A June 9th Wedding for Komikka and Yasin


Smiling after becoming man and wife!

Komikka & Yasin were all smiles as they took their vows on June 9, 2010.

This couple decided on a small, intimate wedding in my home where they shared the day with their sons, Gary and Jaylen, along with a few friends and family.

Even though the ceremony was small, Komikka made her entrance with music and glowed as she was met with loving eyes by Yasin. As part of the ceremony, we blessed their marriage along with prayers for their family and took a quiet moment to remember her mother, who recently passed.  Komikka assembeled a small altar to place her  mother’s  ashes and photos.  We acknowledged the importance of this…and smiled as I introduced her to the urn that contained my own mother’s ashes.  Mother’s always want to be invited to these important moments in life, and it  is comforting to include those who are now in Spirit, but who are forever in our hearts.

A great looking family with sons, Gary and Jaylen

Komikka and Yasin, it was an honor to perform your wedding. You are truly surrounded by a lot of love with your family and friends and your happiness was absolutely contagious. Congratulations!

A place for proposals and promises

When Justin first laid his eyes upon Gina he knew there was something very special about her.  The conversations began and will continue between these two newlyweds  for the rest of their lives. 

Justin and Gina decided on a small, intimate wedding in a very special place.  This site was off of Five Mile Drive in Point Defiance…and was also the place where Justin asked Gina to marry him…a great place for proposals and promises.

The rain took a well timed break during this very wet month in May. A huge hawk flew by to greet us as we walked the path to the clearing under the trees, overlooking Dalco Passage.  The setting was peaceful and serene…and was the perfect place for Justin and Gina to become husband and wife.  Justin and Gina wrote their own beautiful vows and as they gazed into each other’s eyes, spoke them heartfully as happy tears were shed.

Justin and Gina, both University Professors, look forward to a rich and rewarding life in which they are best friends, lovers and companions, and where the love between them is easy to see.  I wish them the very best and thank them for the honor of performing their ceremony.